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Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

Support our scholars to feel a sense of belonging and purpose


$425 towards $10,000

South Bronx Community ("SBC") is a public high school founded with the belief that school must prepare young people with personal, professional, and academic skills to succeed in our rapidly changing society. SBC graduated its first class in 2020 as the first wave of the pandemic was affecting education and post-secondary prospects for young people across the globe. SBC’s emphasis on academic and personal growth in a rigorous, highly responsive learning environment, along with our strong bonds among students and staff provided a lifeline for our graduates during uncertain times. As we emerge from the most difficult challenges of the pandemic, we are eager to return to our signature "Rites of Passage" program experiences.

The "Rites of Passage" program is a four-year learning journey that fosters leadership development, self-advocacy, confidence and preparation for the real world. Each academic year culminates in an excursion that builds critical mindsets and social/emotional skills through real world experience.

  • $50 supports our incoming freshmen with a Summer Bridge experience to build early relationships with staff and a sense of belonging at SBC
  • $100 supports our rising sophomores on an overnight camping trip, which fosters bonding and team leadership
  • $250 supports rising juniors on their first overnight college tour, which includes visits to public and private institutions to explore post-secondary options and search for the right "match" and "fit"
  • $500 supports our rising seniors as they participate in international service-learning and cultural immersion experiences, which lead to a deeper understanding of the world and of themselves while supporting another community in need

Our Rites of Passage Program is an integral part of the SBC educational model and exposes students to the real world, equips them with strategies, tools and mindsets that build resilience and help them overcome challenges. In addition to standard measures of success, Rites of Passages are key building blocks that allow our young people to develop their own sense of purpose as they grow into future leaders able to positively impact their communities.

Please join me to support our South Bronx scholars! 100% of every contribution will propel them toward future success!