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Frank Taylor's Fundraiser

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Frank Taylor's 2020 Fundraiser

Join me in keeping kids connected to mentors, school, and their future.


$750 towards $500

Support the students and mentors at South Bronx Community through the uncharted waters of a global pandemic and toward a brighter future.

South Bronx Community ("SBC") graduated its first class in June. With the backdrop of a global pandemic, and in a community where only 66% of students graduate high school, SBC students persevered. 84% graduated on time and 96% of those students applied and were accepted to college. Through an uncertain time, our staff relationships with students were a critical component of this success.

The pandemic continues to have a devastating effect on the mental health and future prospects of our young people. A Harris poll of teens in May found the following in this stressful climate :

  • 7 in 10 teens have experienced struggles with mental health.
  • 55% of teens say they’ve experienced anxiety, 45% excessive stress, and 43% depression.
  • 61% of teens said that COVID-19 pandemic has increased their feeling of loneliness

SBC’s Rites of Passage program provides a support network to help our young people navigate these challenges. This year's programming will look a little different from past years as many of our students live in high risk households and we must be especially careful to find new ways to teach our students a sense of belonging, leadership and a deeper understanding of the world and of themselves while supporting their own and other communities in need.

This year, we will focus on sending groceries and care packages to the students and their families, creating virtual fieldtrips to connect with people and cultures around the world, organizing group bike rides for socially distant exercising and other similar covid-safe mentoring and events to foster bonding.

While this is a difficult time, our students with the help of staff and mentors will take these challenges head-on. Our first year of graduating students will come back as "SBC alumni ambassadors" to support SBC students and maintain their peer and mentor networks which support them as they continue their post-secondary journey.

This is a difficult year for so many. Please support me in this effort. Every contribution will make a huge impact on the lives of our South Bronx students!